Additional Resources

Home Value Analysis

Zillow -
Cyberhomes -

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Utilities & Home Services

All Connect
Change of Address

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GMS Rental Property Site

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Additional Rental Sites

Apartment & Rental Home Search Websites: (apartment rentals) (apartment rentals) (select rentals) 

Classified Listings: (to find local paper – look in classifieds)


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Home & Travel

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Pet Friendly Moves & Hotels

Pets Welcome -

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City Information 

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Schools & Education

Great Schools
National Center for Educational Statistics (NCES)

Public School Websites:

National Center for Education Statistics (Pre K – HS Public/Charter/Magnet)
School Matters (Pre K – HS) -
Great Schools (Pre K – HS) -
Local School Directory (Pre K – HS) -

Private School Websites:

National Center for Education Statistics (Pre K – HS) -
Great Schools (Pre K – HS) -
Private School Review (Pre K – HS) -


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Moving with Children

Helpful articles to reference when relocating children:

Preparing Your Child for a Move -
Understanding Children: Moving to a New Home - National Network for Child Care

Books to reference when relocating children:

The Moving Guide; A Kid’s Survival Guide, by Gabriel Davis and Susan Dennnen
But Mom, I don’t Want to Move, by Susan Miller
My Family is Moving, by Beverly D. Roman
Footsteps Around the World, by Beverly D. Roman
Relocation 101, by Beverly D. Roman
Home Away from Home, by Beverly D. Roman

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Cost of Living Information -

Relocation Essentials -

Mercer - (this is a paid report for the top 50 cities worldwide)

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Living/Moving Abroad

Just Landed -

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Tax Information

Retirement Living - (taxes by state)

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General Country Information

Living Abroad Country Information -

The U.S. Department of State, Consular Information Sheet -

Currency Converter  -

Country Information from the library of congress -   

International Drivers Licenses & Permits -

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International Travel Information

Language and Travel information -

Lonely Planet -

US Department of State Travel Warnings and Consular Information Sheets -   

The World Clock  –

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International Education Information

US Department of State - Office of Overseas Schools can provide you with information on many schools. Visit  for listings of international schools by regions and more.

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Preferred Mortgage Partners

CitiMortgage (949) 481-7202

PrimeLending (877) 947-5871

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