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The relocation experts at Global Mobility Solutions offer insight on top mobility challenges and industry trends. Learn important tips such as the benefits of benchmarking your relocation policy every 12 to 18 months and the importance of choosing the right relocation technology. We also present industry best practices and helpful information for companies and their employees on everything relating to relocation, including visa and immigration issues, learning new languages and culture, and finding a new home.

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These 4 Cities Are Now Expat Worker Hot Spots

Zoom Towns are becoming more popular because expatriate employees (expats) looking for a new destination to live in find the traditional big cities that used to be known as technology leaders, such as Hong Kong and San Francisco, are crowded and expensive to live in. With the cost of living soaring in many major markets, expats looking for international relocation options are turning to less known growing Zoom Towns.

Here are four cities that are seeing significant increases in international relocation for employees looking for a new setting:

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3 FAQs About Working with a Relocation Specialist

If the new job you are moving for provides a relocation package, then there is a good chance that the opportunity to work with a relocation specialist is included. If talent mobility coaching is not provided in your package, it may be worth asking the relocation management company (RMC) that you are working with if one-on-one relocation management is possible to add on. Either way, working with a designated specialist has numerous advantages.

Here are 3 FAQs and answers about working with a relocation specialist:

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Fastest-selling housing markets

What Is an iBuyer?

But what is an iBuyer? How does it work? Is it worth it for me to sell my home to one?

An iBuyer, in simple terms, is a real estate company that leverages technology to buy and sell homes in hopes of making a quicker sale than the traditional real estate process would. The main reason is that with iBuyers, people can buy and sell homes almost entirely online, and the buyer may never even step foot in the house before signing the dotted line.

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What Does The Employee Relocation Timeline Look Like?

Moving to a new job can raise many questions, especially if there is a tight start date with the new company. Of course, the relocation timeline is not always the same for every employee, but some commonalities can be covered to ensure the process can be completed in a timely manner. Here are a few things to review when you are about three to four weeks out from moving to your new destination:

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3 Tips to Use When Prepping Your 2023 Relocation Budget

These tips provided on the business relocation budget focus on research, cost competitiveness, and professional expertise. Focusing on these tips will also help guide the employee’s moving process in a positive direction. Identifying the full scope of what the company covers regarding moving expenses are critically important to developing a useful talent mobility program.

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Household Goods Summer Update

While the summer household goods moving season is heating up, 2022 is shaping to be hotter than usual. The summer of ‘22 is the perfect storm which includes a range of issues the industry has been battling for some time, such as driver and labor shortages, not to mention the high gas prices as of late. Today, there is a range of new challenges, compounded by the lingering events of the pandemic and higher fuel costs.

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