Household Goods Summer Update

While the summer household goods moving season is heating up, 2022 is shaping to be hotter than usual. The summer of ‘22 is the perfect storm which includes a range of issues the industry has been battling for some time, such as driver and labor shortages, not to mention the high gas prices as of late. Today, there is a range of new challenges, compounded by the lingering events of the pandemic and higher fuel costs.

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young woman filling up her car at the gas pump

IRS Increases Mileage Rate for Second Half of 2022

The IRS announced in early June 2022 that they raised the optional standard mileage rate for the final six months of 2022. As a result, when taxpayers file for this year, they can use the new rate to calculate the deductible costs associated with driving for work and other certain purposes.

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