Many GMS clients currently reviewing their relocation policies and international assignment programs find they need a flexible transportation solution. Responding to issues around the COVID-19 pandemic, companies are recognizing that shared and public transportation may not provide an optimal solution.

Issues of concern may center on proximity to others, sanitation and cleanliness, or reduced service levels impacting commuting patterns. As a result, the need for a flexible transportation solution for transferees has become a priority as both the return to work and remobilization of talent begins to unfold.

GMS spoke with Afia Arneja, Senior Vice President, International AutoSource (IAS). Afia agreed to share her expert guidance on this topic.

Growth Ahead for Short Term Assignments, Long Term Business Travel

Afia believes the relocation industry will experience an increase in short term assignments and long term business travel due to the current pandemic. These aspects of relocation may be driven by different factors. However, both short term assignments and long term business travel will require employers to address transportation for the employee in the new location. IAS has seen an increase in requests from companies who have transferees experiencing longer trips and challenges with public transportation options.

ReadyDrive Program Provides Flexible Transportation Solution

Employees who are on travel or assignment need some form of transportation to ensure they are able to commute and travel to work. However, not all will require permanent vehicle ownership in their new location. Many local government officials are asking residents to avoid using public transit. Afia notes that IAS has an ideal solution with their ReadyDrive program. The ReadyDrive program offers a unique service to support this growing group of global talent.

What is the ReadyDrive Program?

The ReadyDrive program is a worldwide car rental program that Afia states was created exclusively by IAS for the global relocation industry. The program provides an all-inclusive, flexible, and full service rental car option for both international and domestic assignees, as well as business travelers.

The ReadyDrive program is an ideal solution for:

  • Any assignment lasting 30 days or more
  • International short term assignments
  • Domestic short term assignments
  • Any assignee who may not require a traditional car lease or loan
  • Any assignee who may be on an assignment less than 2 years
  • Newly arrived employees who may receive the benefit of a monthly car rental from their employer
  • Contract workers
  • Project workers
  • Long term business travelers

Employees on any of these types of assignments can use the ReadyDrive program to ensure they are mobile from the moment they arrive in the new location.

What are the Benefits of the ReadyDrive Program as a Flexible Transportation Solution?

Afia notes the ReadyDrive program offers several distinct benefits to support employers and their employees:

  • Globally Minded – ReadyDrive offers rental car solutions in over ten thousand locations across the US and in over 150 countries worldwide.
  • Cost Effective – With preferred rates regardless of location and season, the competitive pricing is fixed, with structured pricing globally. This offers both assignees and companies a resource for managing budgets and costs. There is no seasonal inflated pricing, or popular location surcharges.
  • Comprehensive insurance – Included with each monthly rental is collision and 3rd party liability coverage. Rental car insurance can be extremely expensive with monthly costs totaling hundreds of dollars. By comparison, IAS offers coverage at no cost to assignees.
  • Unlimited mileage per month – No mileage restrictions ensure renters are free to drive as needed.
  • Spouse and coworker sharing – Renters may share the vehicle with a spouse or coworker who will be automatically covered under the insurance. There are no additional driver fees.
  • Scheduled vehicle maintenance – Long term renters will enjoy a well-running vehicle with convenient options for vehicle exchange and regular service.
  • Basic roadside assistance – No charge roadside assistance. This supports any driver and ensures vehicle towing and replacement if there are any mechanical failures with the vehicle.
  • Safety – There are many global directives for individuals to avoid public transportation. IAS rental partners take extensive safety measures to ensure all renters have clean, safe, and reliable transportation.

ReadyDrive Team Members Manage Every Step of the Rental Process

The ReadyDrive program offers a flexible transportation solution that is unparalleled in the mobility industry. Afia states that ReadyDrive team members manage every step of the rental process with assignees, from initial quotation, through rental bookings, and finally with vehicle return. The ReadyDrive team provides ongoing support to customers and companies with all aspects of their rental experience, including rental extensions, incidents, claims, and more. The ReadyDrive program provides business travelers and assignees with high touch service throughout the entire rental period.

Customer Comments Show Appreciation for a Flexible Transportation Solution

Afia also shared some recent customer comments from participants in the ReadyDrive program. She believes the comments show how the ReadyDrive program results in higher assignee and business traveler satisfaction:

  • “Thank you for the follow-up. The experience was great. The pick-up was quick and fast.” 
  • “Everything was perfect, the car and especially the kindness and professionalism of the agent who assisted me yesterday when I picked the car up.” 
  • “Everything is great so far. I’m satisfied with the vehicle and the service.” 
  • “Yes, all is well with the car and the service was excellent!”

IAS offers employees a flexible transportation solution that will meet all of their requirements and more. As employers begin mobilizing their workforces, the ReadyDrive program is an ideal solution for local transportation needs.

What Should Employers do?

Employers with employees on short term assignment or traveling for business should look into a flexible transportation solution. The current COVID-19 pandemic results in guidelines that support clean, non-public transportation options. IAS’s ReadyDrive program is an ideal solution for local transportation. IAS provides superior solutions that give employees peace of mind for their vehicle needs.


GMS’ team of corporate relocation experts has helped thousands of our clients understand how to identify assignee and business traveler needs. Our team can help your company understand how to provide a flexible transportation solution through the IAS ReadyDrive program.

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