By: John Fernandez | CRP, GMS, SSB

January 4, 2022

These Cities Are Offering Government Relocation Incentives

New Year’s is the time for new beginnings. It’s usually around this time of year people start to reflect and make major changes. For many, there is no life change larger than moving to a new city or state. If you’re moving for a job offer, hopefully, the new company is offering a competitive relocation package to help with moving costs. But what about the people who were informed this year that they will be working remotely full time moving forward? If you could live and work anywhere, where would you go?

Many companies announced in 2021 that they do not plan to ask employees to come back to work in an office building with any regularity. With that said, now that many employees no longer have a daily commute to a cubicle, they are starting to think about where to live. Places with good weather and affordable housing are, of course, on top of everyone’s list. Since many of these moves are the personal choice of the employee, very few companies are providing relocation benefits. However, there are numerous relocation incentives being offered by cities and states that can help reduce relocation costs. The list below is a follow-up to our previous blog about reducing moving costs through relocation incentives that are being offered by certain cities. 

Moving can be expensive but taking advantage of these government relocation incentives can help ease the financial hit. Check out what these cities are offering:

Topeka, KS

A very lucrative relocation incentive deal, Choose Topeka is offering those who move to the city to work on-site up to $15,000 in funds for the purchase of a home and as much as $10,000 in funds for renters. There is also an option for remote workers who move to the area that equals $10,000 in home purchase assistance and up to $5,000 for those looking to rent.

Newton, IA

For most, one of the most costly needs involved when moving is buying a new home. Newton, Iowa is willing to help with that cost. If you move to Newton, you can receive up to $10,000 cash plus a “Get to Know Newton” package. This offer is for single-family homes that begin construction before 2023. This program is for new-build homes. Unfortunately, renters do not benefit from this relocation incentive.

Chattanooga, TN

Chattanooga, Tennessee is quickly becoming a well-known hub for entrepreneurs and innovators. GeekMove is a program designed to assist computer developers in relocating to Chattanooga. The biggest perk of this package is GeekMove’s offer to offset the initial costs of homeownership by providing a second, forgivable mortgage. This should provide more housing options for prospective buyers as it will make houses more affordable to the average buyer. The catch is that this offer is only good in pre-defined neighborhoods. On the flip-side, there are plenty of great neighborhoods to choose from, including some revitalized historic areas.


Alaska has long been known for offering incentives to move there. There are numerous programs that help future residents reduce the cost of their move to the state. One of the more sought-after relocation programs is the Trade Act. The Trade Act offers allowances to help people move to Alaska once a position is accepted. In some cases, up to 90% of relocation costs can be covered for the employee and the immediate family. This allowance can be used towards the shipping of your household goods, one of the most expensive facets of any relocation. As a bonus, most people can qualify for a lump sum payment of $1,250 to help them get settled into their new Alaskan home.

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