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October 29, 2020

The United States’ continuing economic resilience means many cities have a wide number of US job opportunities for job seekers. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics publishes a number of monthly reports that show the health of the job market. The Employment Situation – September 2020 report shows:

  1. Total non-farm payroll employment rose by 661,000
  2. Unemployment rate fell to 7.9%
  3. Number of unemployed persons fell by 1.0 million

Many job seekers looking for US job opportunities have their sights set on moving to find their new job. They often search for cities where there is a wide and growing number of employment opportunities. In this way, job seekers may increase their ability to find employment.

Where are the US Job Opportunities?

Several cities have shown tremendous growth in population, industries, and jobs over the past several years. Many of these cities are well positioned to leverage their strengths, from low cost of living to exceptional natural beauty. According to, the following 12 cities have the most US job opportunities:

  1. Sioux Falls, South Dakota
  2. Austin, Texas
  3. San Francisco, California
  4. Boston, Massachusetts
  5. Scottsdale, Arizona
  6. Boise, Idaho
  7. Lake Charles, Louisiana
  8. Provo-Orem, Utah
  9. Nashville, Tennessee
  10. Reno, Nevada
  11. Bend-Redmond, Oregon
  12. George, Utah

While some cities on this list are often consistently cited as great engines of economic growth, others may seem somewhat surprising. Cities such as Sioux Falls, Boise, and Lake Charles do not often rub shoulders with shining tech industry stars like Austin, Boston, and San Francisco. What are the US job opportunities in these cities?

US Job Opportunities in Sioux Falls, Boise, and Lake Charles

Sioux Falls, South Dakota

The Key Industries in Sioux Falls include:

  • Biomedical—pharmaceuticals, medical device manufacturing
  • Finance & Banking—business process outsourcing
  • Advanced Manufacturing—centralized location with access to large markets
  • Transportation & Warehousing—extensive highway, rail, and air service
  • Data Centers—both publicly available and private resources
  • Food Processing—in the heart of America’s breadbasket

Other important factors that may lead to increasing job growth and US job opportunities include:

  • South Dakota’s pro-business regulatory climate
  • No personal tax
  • No corporate state income tax
  • Personal property tax: none
  • No inheritance tax
  • Inventory tax: none

Boise, Idaho

The Major Industries in Boise include:

  • Mining—gold, silver, lead, zinc, copper
  • Farming—potatoes, wheat, barley, hay, sugar beets, onions
  • Timber—wood and paper products
  • State Government—Boise is the state capital
  • Technology—analytics, process automation, network solutions
  • Tourism—Rocky Mountains, Boise River

Other important factors that may lead to increasing job growth and US job opportunities include:

  • Idaho’s tax incentives for job creation, investment credits, tax exemptions
  • Low taxes
  • Reasonable rates
  • Job training programs
  • Urban renewal projects
  • Strategic transportation advantages
  • Skilled and highly educated workforce

Lake Charles, Louisiana

The Leading Industries in Lake Charles include:

  • Advanced Manufacturing—petrochemicals, components for nuclear power plants
  • Aerospace—several nearby airports and aviation training programs, suppliers
  • Agribusiness—natural fiber spinning technologies
  • Health Care—three major hospitals
  • Maritime—direct access to the Gulf of Mexico
  • Sustainable Energy—liquefied natural gas conversions
  • Traditional Energy—refining operations, power plants

Other important factors that may lead to increasing job growth and US job opportunities include:

  • Over $40 billion in planned investments for the southwest Louisiana region
  • Location near top defense contractors
  • Abundant natural resources
  • Local hospitals connected to LSU Health New Orleans establishes talent pipeline for the region
  • Six areas ports including Port of Lake Charles, one of the busiest in the nation
  • Sophisticated waterway transportation capabilities

What Should Job Seekers do?

Job seekers should look into cities like Sioux Falls, Boise, and Lake Charles for US job opportunities. These cities offer a wide range of industries and large variety of jobs. This bodes well for their future economic and employment growth.

Several resources are available to help job seekers learn about job openings in Sioux Falls, Boise, and Lake Charles. Social networking platforms such as Linkedin provide company information and searchable contacts for connection opportunities. Job seekers should leverage professional career services to enhance their job search and achieve success in their career objectives.

What Should Employers in Cities with Plentiful US Job Opportunities do?

Employers located in cities with plentiful US job opportunities should review their hiring plans and talent acquisition programs. High levels of economic growth means employers must compete for job seekers.

Employers seeking candidates with the best skills and qualifications should work with a Relocation Management Company (RMC). RMCs have knowledge and expertise to help employers design a robust and effective relocation program that promotes global talent acquisition

Many cities with growing industries often generate additional jobs in service and support industries. As employment grows, demand rises for housing, shopping, schools, and other services. Job seekers in service and support industries should also look at cities with plentiful US job opportunities.


GMS’ team of domestic relocation experts has helped thousands of our clients develop highly effective hiring and recruiting programs. As a result, our clients can easily attract highly skilled job seekers to cities with plentiful US job opportunities. Our team can help your company determine how to attract job seekers to fill openings and help your company reach its corporate objectives.

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New SafeRelo™ COVID-19 Knowledge Portal

GMS recently launched its new SafeRelo™ COVID-19 Knowledge Portal featuring a number of helpful resources including:

  • Curated selection of news and articles specific to managing relocation programs and issues relating to COVID-19
  • Comprehensive guide to national, international, and local online sources for current data
  • Program/Policy Evaluation (PPE) Tool for instant relocation policy reviews

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