By: Ann Knapp | CRP, GMS, CMC

August 6, 2019

Allied Van Lines conducts a regular “On the Move” survey of employees who move for work to determine the transferee moving challenges from their viewpoint. Survey responses from over 1,000 people provide helpful insight into the impact of workforce relocation. The findings reveal specific points that companies should address in their relocation programs.

The Top 3 transferee moving challenges identified in the survey show points companies should address to improve employee retention and satisfaction. Companies should choose to work with a qualified Relocation Management Company (RMC). RMCs have knowledge and experience to help clients design robust relocation programs that provide the best relocation experience for transferees.

What are the Top 3 Transferee Moving Challenges?

1. Short Timeframes for Moves

The majority of survey respondents were given 0 to 30 days for their move, and the next largest group were given 31 to 60 days. Increasing market competition and evolving dynamics require corporate speed and flexibility. Companies often must act quickly to hire qualified staff and move them to where they can be the most productive.

RMCs have resources and solutions to help companies maintain responsiveness while providing a positive relocation experience for employees. Transferee moving challenges related to short timeframes can be addressed with a robust relocation policy that is designed to provide solutions that benefit both clients and relocating employees.

2. Finding a New Home

One of the most difficult and time-consuming transferee moving challenges is finding a home in the new location. Choices can vary, and may include some of the following:

  1. Short-term corporate housing
  2. Renting before buying
  3. City/suburb/neighborhood location
  4. Apartment
  5. Condominium
  6. House
  7. New construction loan for relocation

RMCs have a number of solutions for transferee moving challenges related to finding a new home. Many transferees are relocating to a new location they know very little about, and will then search for a new home to purchase. A Realtor® working with the RMC should ask a number of questions to help the transferee clarify and express their preferences and interests.

3. Making Friends in the New Location

Transferee moving challenges are often amplified by the effects of the move on spouses and family members. While the transferee may have a built-in network of work colleagues in the new location to help them with their transition at work, they and their family will need to settle into the new community and make new friends.

One of the first challenges a transferee faces is career support for their spouse. Successful relocations often hinge on the spouse or partner’s career needs also being addressed. Transferees expect career support for spouses and partners as part of their relocation experience. In our Case Study on Educational Institution Relocation Programs, GMS helped a client learn that their biggest challenge in retaining new hires was due to not having career support for spouses and partners moving to the new location.

Pre-Decision Services Help Transferees

Companies should provide Pre-Decision Services in their relocation policy for transferees to help them learn about their new location. Candidate assessments and family pre-decision evaluations help companies determine the employee’s expectations, skills, personal qualities, family situation, and their financial readiness for the relocation. Helpful information an RMC can provide to the employee and their family for their decision-making process includes:

  • Cost of living analysis for the new area
  • Market analysis for home sales
  • School reports and information about activities
  • Moving cost estimates
  • Community tours to help familiarize employees and their family members with the new location

Provide Support for Spouses, Partners, and Family Members

Family member support is as critical to a transferee’s relocation success as to career support for spouses and partners. RMCs should provide a number of resources to help families settle in to their new area and reduce transferee moving challenges, including:

  • Helpful online resources for families to learn about local amenities
  • Community networks in the new location
  • Assistance in obtaining a local driver’s license
  • Arrangements for child care
  • Utility connections and installations
  • Ensuring health insurance coverage during the interim period
  • Identifying nearby medical resources and primary care physicians

What Should Employers do to Address Transferee Moving Challenges?

Transferee moving challenges should be addressed with robust solutions. Companies should work with a qualified and experienced RMC that can help them design a relocation policy that promotes successful relocations. The career needs of spouses and partners should be included in the transferee’s relocation experience. Family support is also critical to reduce any disruption from the move and provide peace of mind for the transferee, their spouse or partner, and their family members.


GMS’ team of corporate relocation experts has helped thousands of our clients develop relocation policies and programs that address transferee moving challenges. Our team can help your company determine how to design a robust relocation program that provides the best relocation experience for your company’s transferees and their family members.

GMS was the first relocation company to register as a .com. The company also created the first online interactive tools and calculators, and revolutionized the entire relocation industry. GMS continues to set the industry pace as the pioneer in innovation and technology solutions with its proprietary MyRelocation™ technology platform.

Global Mobility Solutions is proud to be named and ranked #1 Overall, and #1 in Quality of Service by HRO Today’s 2019 Baker’s Dozen Customer Satisfaction Survey.

Contact our experts online to discuss your company’s relocation program and the need to reduce transferee moving challenges, or give us a call at 800.617.1904 or 480.922.0700 today.

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Director, Transportation Services Ann has over 20 years of leadership experience in the moving and relocation industries. She is a council member for the International Association of Movers (IAM) Leadership Alliance. As a 2nd generation mover, Ann has worked in all areas of the industry from survey scheduling to claims settlement which has provided her with a well-rounded understanding of the ins & outs of moving. Ann is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the Transportation Team, the GMS Transportation Network, managing contracts, policy advisement, and monitoring quality.

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