Employee Pre-Decision Services

GMS’ Pre-Decision Service allows for our team to work with the hiring authorities and your potential transferee before a decision is made to relocate or hire. This allows for a fully-informed decision, improves family buy-in, increases acceptance rates, and reduces overall spend from failed relocations.

Needs Based Relocation Assessment

A dedicated Relocation Coach reviews the policy/program with the employee, conducts a needs assessment, answers questions and provides valuable insight at the employee and company level, prior to acceptance

Salary & Cost Estimates

Compares salaries based on origin and destination area demographics. We also provide a relocation cost estimate customized to the candidate’s policy tier, including the details of their specific relocation.

City Reports & Destination Packets

GMS’ City Reports provide a cost of living analysis of cities throughout the U.S. and Canada, climate, demographics, and other vital information. Destination packets are customized for the employee outlining all relevant information on the destination area that they might find of interest. This can include information on schools, places of worship, daycare, doctor’s offices, and hospitals.

Our cloud-based relocation technology is designed to help you streamline your company’s relocation management.

Broker Market Analysis

Determines local market conditions, the potential length of time to sell the employee’s home, and the agent’s marketing strategy. While not a comprehensive inspection, this report provides further insight into any factors affecting marketability.

Mortgage Calculator & Approval

Our flexible relationships with top mortgage providers give your employee pre-approval results in a timely manner. Any hesitation regarding the purchase of a new home is removed and special mortgage programs are identified for the relocation. Additionally, payments and interest can be calculated utilizing our mortgage calculator.


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